i feel like a total nerd, but here goes anyway:  i got to work with metal at school yesterday.  first time in my life.  i shaped it with an acetylene torch, hammers, rolling mill, and saws; it was awesome [insert little girl scream]!  i have never done anything like this before, never in my 30 years.  it is not a new career path at all, but it is fun just to bang the crap out of a piece of copper.  i did not think i would like the class, but i am dead wrong.  the teacher did not like my paper models, but i thought of something new that she may like instead.


One response to “school

  1. I took a pottery class years ago and had a similar experience. While I loved spinning on the wheel and knew that I would, I had no interest in the sculpting/coil construction. It ended up being my favorite part of the class. A new love was found. You should post a pic of one of your creations. 🙂

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